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Trading and manufacturing company Dancers has been working in the dance goods market for more than 18 years, being one of the largest manufacturers in Russia of specialized clothing for sports such as ballroom dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, figure skating and choreography. In Russia, we are represented by the Dancing brand, we work with all regions, abroad we are represented by the Gymnastics Fantastic brand, we work with 92 countries in the world.We work in several areas: retail (10 stores in such cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg), wholesale (101 existing stores across Russia represent our range), 3 Russian online stores (www.,,, foreign online store (, government procurement (92% of auctions won in Russia). The history of TPK "Dancing" began in 2002.For 18 years, our company has grown from a small regional manufacturer into a major international brand. Today, Dancing is a production hall with an area of 1000 sq.m. with a production capacity of 60,000 units per month. Our advantages: 1. Adequate pricing. The company is a manufacturing enterprise, in connection with which we can adjust the cost of products based on our capabilities (labor and raw materials) and the needs of the customer. 2. High quality.The products have quality certificates, made from fabrics made in Italy, Korea, England, which ensures high wear resistance of the goods, even with constant use and repeated washing. Products undergo double quality control, which reduces the risk of manufacturing defects. 3. Volumes and terms. We are flexible in terms of volume, we are ready to take even the largest order, because there are resources in the form of production machines and personnel.And thanks to the presence of high-tech machines, we can tailor products to the flooring and provide short production times. We invest in production expansion every day. 4. High and convenient service. Applications are processed as soon as possible (within one day), the manager advises you on any issue, starting from the availability of goods in the warehouse, ending with delivery (which transport companies deliver the goods to a particular city, terms, cost). 5. Fashionable news.Our company employs professional artists, designers, which allows us to create and dictate fashion for sportswear, both in the Russian and foreign markets. 6. Individual approach. We will help you determine the necessary product range, choose the most favorable development direction for you (in a particular sport), and also prepare individual working conditions (payment system, minimum volume, etc.)We are focused on productive work with each of our clients, creating a stable sales market, providing loyal, individual conditions. The average margin on our range is 100%. Our products can become both the main and additional assortment in your store. Working with the company "Dancing", your business will become more successful, professional and multifaceted.Therefore, all you need to do to get started is to write on the specified contact details or leave your request on our website. Within one day we will contact you, tell in detail about the terms of cooperation, send you a price list for the range of interest to you. We are waiting for your applications!
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NameLimited liability company "DANCING MOSCOW"
ID компании (ИНН)1832129505
AddressIzhevsk, 426006, st. 14th, 56A
Country Russia
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