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Communication with us is more than plumbing in every home

"Santrek" company is the largest supplier of plumbing products in 50 regions of Russia.
We provide a full range of services for organizations of any size:
From small shops in rural areas to shopping centers and utilities in cities with a population of over one million.

From 1997 to the present day, Santrek has been continuously growing, expanding
Assortment and improving the level of service.We strive to anticipate and implement
All the wishes of our customers. That is why 92 clients out of 100 who have started cooperation with us
Become permanent partners.

5 advantages of working with "Santrek"

93% of the assortment is always in stock
In our own warehouse complexes with an area of 40,000 sq.m. we store over 25,000 items.
Our clients receive their order on time and in full.
The assortment includes more than 100 brands of sanitary ware of domestic and Russian production,
As well as own brands: STK, Diablo, SunBath, StanKran, Glorioso.

Competitive prices
We purchase products directly from manufacturers throughout the country and beyond.
Thanks to long-term cooperation with partners and a significant volume of supplies,
We can offer our customers the most competitive prices on the market.

Comprehensive service
Caring for the comfort of our clients is one of the main principles of our work.
We provide comprehensive support for newcomers to the market, provide an easy return
Of factory defects and obtain a guarantee, help grow your business with promotional materials.

Free shipping in Russia
We deliver the order to any region of the country by our own transport or with the help of
Carrier companies. Even if the volume of the shipment does not exceed one box, you will definitely
Receive it on time.When ordering goods for a certain amount, delivery is free.

Strict quality control
Our customers are confident in the quality of the supplied products. Before loading and dispatching the order
Employees carefully check it for factory defects and damage.
You are guaranteed to receive a high quality product.

"Santrek" company is a reliable partner, profitable supplier and active participant in the country's economic life.
We are always open to cooperation and joint work in various fields.
Become our partner today to be one step ahead tomorrow!

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Geography of goods delivery:
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia
"Santrek" Penza - official video about the company

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Company information
NameLimited Liability Company "SERVICE-BUSINESS"
ID компании (TIN)5836679024
AddressPenza, st. Perspective, 5a
Country Russia
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