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Our technology solves the key issue of any Internet business, it helps to provide the customer with warm leads - customers who visited your site but did not leave a request. They were interested in the product, looked at various tabs, spent some time on the site, maybe even threw the product they liked into the basket. But something prevented them from leaving a request and making a purchase!Maybe, technically, something didn’t work, maybe the competitors' websites or personal circumstances distracted, maybe a thousand reasons. We will give you the opportunity to see those visitors who have already visited your advertising company, on whom you ALREADY spent money. We will provide you with a visitor’s phone number and all analytical information: when a client visited your site, where he clicked, what he was interested in, how much time he spent on a particular page of your site, etc.All this is necessary so that you can clearly understand what his interests are, understand how much he is interested in your product, for example, a client clicked more than 10 links and spent a total of more than 2 minutes on the site, which means that he is 90% interested and ready to purchase Your product is right here and now.It is important to contact him promptly and help him understand all the intricacies of your product, answer all questions and help make a purchase by offering him a small discount or special conditions. The technology is patented, legal. We provide supporting legal information. Presentation of our technology: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dvkhSAENbsPS_4bwor9BjOxF_QdvS25T/view Our website leadsfast.ru

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Individual entrepreneur Averina Ksenia Nikolaevna

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