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Search for a business partner from all over the world

Bank of Business Partners — is a first platform for searching business partners by Sberbank. Register and search clients and providers from all over the world in 1 click.
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How to start buying goods abroad in a quick and easy way

Decision of cooperation with foreign partners is one of the most important and difficult. It should be made consciously. Our platform will help you to find different international partners, and it’s only up to you to decide which one is the best

Do you sell products or services?

Be accurate while fill in your profile. Place more services and fulfil your agreements with partners – it will help you to increase you rating and number of views.
Use search bar or place your request – suppliers and clients will find you by themselves Negotiate all the conditions of the cooperation including costs and terms of the contract Wait for rendering of a service and pay according the contract Leave a feedback about you contractor in order to encrease or decrease his rating
Search via requests will help you to find clients for your products and services or to place an advertisement Find a business partner. Negotiate all conditions, costs and terms Fulfil your agreements. The higher your rating – the more partners you will have Make an arrangement in advance with your partners to get a full payment

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Search for business partners

To find business partners abroad has become easier. Now in the arsenal of entrepreneurs there is a convenient platform prepared by Sberbank. Specialized platform includes:

  • quick search by parameters (country and city, hashtags and categories);
  • rating system for users;
  • private chat where potential business partners can discuss business online;
  • useful services for participants of foreign trade activities.

Here you can easily find a partner for a small business, a manufacturer or a sales representative in another region or country.

Search for business partners worldwide

Search for business partners with Bank of Business Partners - these are wide opportunities:

  • to promote products and services abroad;
  • search for dealers;
  • sales of goods of non-primary groups, etc.

Search for partners platform for conducting foreign economic activity in a single window mode.

The geography of the service is impressive: our platform contains partnership offers from manufacturers from Germany, China, the USA, India, Turkey, Spain, Italy, the UK, Kazakhstan and other countries. More than 6,000 offers come from Russian companies, more than 2,500 from Chinese. It is also convinient to use narrowed search for business partners: in Moscow - about 2000 offers, in St. Petersburg - more than 750, a lot of options for joint business are also opening in other cities.

Business proposals for cooperation

Business proposals for cooperation in the amount of over 11,000 received from more than 25,000 users and168 countries worldwide.It will allow you to expand the market, increase sales and profits, and embark on the path of development and growth.

The platform helps to build partner business on trust and knowledge, as you can use practical services:

  • counterparty verification;
  • foreign trade activities online consultation;
  • get analytical information about goods;
  • export accelerator;
  • selection of marketplaces.
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