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10:00 23 September 2021
Бизнес-миссия для производителей косметики
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Hemp insulation RosEcoMat Kenaf Roll
Today, hemp-based insulation is increasingly used in the construction of houses for insulating roofs, floors, walls and attic floors. This material is popular primarily due to its excellent characteristics and affordable price, which allows economical construction. RosEcoMat Kenaf Roll is a heater based on hemp fiber (rolls).In terms of composition, this material is 85% hemp fiber, and 15% polyester fiber. Today hemp mats are widely used in the construction industry. If you are looking for a high-quality, environmentally friendly insulation that will be completely safe to use and will benefit the environment, then RosEcoMat Kenaf Roll will be the best choice.Natural hemp mats have excellent shatter resistance and will retain their original properties over a long service life. Among the main advantages of RosEcoMat Kenaf Roll mats are: Excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation; Environmentally friendly; High thermal inertia; Lack of harmful substances; In the summer, the insulation keeps the coolness, and in the winter it allows you to keep the heat; Promotes easy absorption and release of moisture and regulates room humidity, thereby creating a healthy microclimate; Simplicity of installation, which does not require the use of personal protective equipment; Density, strength of the material is a guarantee of a long service life; Pesticides are not used in the cultivation of raw materials for insulation - resistance to mold and decay increases, thereby endowing the building structure with increased safety.
Noginsk, Russia
MOQ n/a
Price from 26.76 $
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Soundproofing RosEcoMat Kenaf Antizvuk
Soundproofing RosEcoMat Kenaf is created from natural hemp fibers, does not contain harmful substances. Hemp fiber has a high thermal inertia and also contains a natural antiseptic that prevents the spread of mold. This material is not afraid of water and easily regains its shape after crushing. Kenaf Antizvuk will help you create coziness and silence in your home without harming your health.
Noginsk, Russia
MOQ n/a
Price from 72.99 $
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Cloud ACS for your business!
Cloud ACS works through the service and eliminates the need for a separate computer and all related technical activities. Setting up the creation of a list of users and saving the event log is carried out via the Internet.
Ryazan, Russia
MOQ n/a
Price from 169.63 $
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Three-layer medical masks
Disposable medical mask with elastic band. The mask is three-layer, with an elastic band, made of non-woven hypoallergenic polypropylene, has good air permeability, does not restrict breathing. The mask in the area adjacent to the nose has a flexible insert. It allows you to bend the mask in accordance with the features of the shape of the nose for a snug fit of the edge of the mask to the face. The insert is sealed into a plastic strip, preventing it from twisting and breaking.
Moscow, Russia
MOQ n/a
Price from 0.03 $
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Lego block metal mold FLB 120.60.60-W
The metal mold of a Lego block called a special element (W - in standard design). 120.60.60 are the dimensions of the block, where 120 cm is the length, 60 is the height, 60 is the width. The maximum dimensions of the T-standard version are 160.80.80. The price is for the minimum size. "M-Konstruktor" produces and sells metal molds for making Lego blocks according to factory drawings or for individual projects. Purpose and Description: Lego blocks are used in the construction of infrastructure, civil and industrial facilities for various purposes. Lego blocks have an external resemblance to the details of the children's LEGO constructor. They are made of concrete, do not require reinforcement. Equipped with a tongue-and-groove connecting system, thanks to which capital structures are quickly erected without glue and masonry mortars - this allows you to reduce labor costs and specialized equipment.The concrete is compacted with a deep vibrator. Metal molds from "M-Konstruktor" allow: • to form concrete products without the use of special equipment; • use Lego block shapes in everyday life; • move finished products with a crane or forklift. Additional equipment: The plant also produces traverses and tilters for moving and turning blocks to the desired position.Full information about these products is available on the plant's website in the section "Metal molds and equipment for concrete goods" - "Metal molds of lego blocks". Delivery: Throughout Russia, to the EU and the Eurasian Union and other countries. Sending is possible by rail, heavy trucks or sea transport. Cost, production time and delivery are negotiated individually. The price of metal is growing almost daily, so call or write right now.
Velikiye Luki, Russia
MOQ 10.00
Price from 1 063.37 $
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Equipment for the recycling of polymer waste
Production of crushing and washing-drying equipment for the processing of highly contaminated polymer waste. The equipment is patented and certified.
Gelendzhik, Russia
MOQ n/a
Price from 33 789.90 $
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Insulation RosEkoMat Zharyn for a sauna and a bath
The environmentally friendly insulation RosEkoMat Zharyn is made from marine plants and industrial hemp. Combining the beneficial properties of hemp and zoster fibers, the insulation RosEcoMat Zharyn ultimately gives the end consumer low flammability, the absence of fungi and rodents. The insulation is non-toxic, so no special protective equipment is required for installation. Natural mats are durable and will retain their original properties over a long service life. Zoster fiber is made from marine plants. These plants form 3 genera and 23 species, have several names: sea zostera, scum, damask, sea grass. Zostera is a perennial herbaceous flowering plant with a stem up to 1 meter and grows on the entire coast of the Black Sea, most often found in the area of the city of Anapa and in the waters of the Taman Bay, as well as in the White, Caspian and Japan Seas. These plants are 40-45% protein, 10% lipids and 30-35% carbohydrates. It also contains the following trace elements: iodine, iron, zinc, copper, cobalt. The positive qualities of kamka will be useful in the spheres of human activity: cooking, medicine, construction, agriculture and furniture production. In construction, dried damask is used due to its incombustibility, thermal insulation properties, and also does not contribute to rotting, reproduction of fungi.It is also used in the production of pillows and mattresses: the weakly exuded smell of iodine promotes sound sleep. In agriculture, damask is used as a valuable raw material in the production of feed additives in the nutrition of birds and animals: all this is due to the high concentration of micro- and macroelements. Rural lands near the sea are fertilized with compost or damask ash. Some local chefs use zoster as a seasoning for vegetables, fish and meat. In cosmetology, pectin is isolated from these algae, which is further used in the production of moisturizing and anti-aging creams, nourishing face and hair masks. The action of pectin is to dissolve and transport ingredients, oils, and vitamins to the inner layers of the epidermis - it helps to regenerate the skin and remove toxins and toxins. In medicine, products made from scum is used for external use (included in the mixture "sea mud"), and for internal use ("Isosterite"). Hemp fiber is made from technical varieties of hemp, and has a number of advantages due to which it is used in the production of a wide range of goods: paper, textiles, building blocks, biodegradable plastic, cosmetics, paint, insulation, etc. .d. The structure of pure hemp is similar to linen and is often blended with other fibers (cotton, silk, polyester) for additional positive qualities. Technical hemp contains a minimum amount of psychoactive substance and has been used in the domestic industry for more than 10 years.As a heater, hemp fiber has proven itself due to the following qualities: it is not food for rodents, promotes moisture regulation and is a natural antiseptic.
Noginsk, Russia
MOQ n/a
Price from 57.44 $
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Insulation RosEkoMat Zoster
The leading domestic manufacturer of natural heat-insulating materials, RosEcoMat, is constantly expanding its assortment and is working every day to create better and more durable insulation. One of these novelties is the thermo-bonded slabs from the scrubber. Insulation RosEcoMat Zoster is an environmentally friendly insulation made from seaweed.In terms of value and durability, slabs made of scum is much higher than the technical characteristics of wood and artificial materials. This type of insulation consists of 85% of a scum. The binder of the boards is polyester fiber (15%), which improves the performance of the boards. Seaweed is non-combustible and does not emit harmful substances at high temperatures.In addition, the composition of the scrub contains a high concentration of iodine and calcium salts, which have a detrimental effect on microorganisms and disinfect the room. When installing the insulation, no special tools and protective equipment are required, since the material is not toxic and does not produce dust during installation. Thermal insulation boards made of algae can be used for any surface, and the plasticity and elasticity of the material avoids the appearance of cold bridges.The material has "breathable" properties and perfectly regulates the humidity in the home and maintains the optimum temperature in it. We are manufacturers, therefore, you can buy insulation from a scummy at the best prices. All products comply with standards and have quality certificates. Choosing RosEcoMat Zoster for home insulation, you care about the healthy future of your loved ones.
Noginsk, Russia
MOQ n/a
Price from 37.76 $
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Search for business partners

To find business partners abroad has become easier. Now in the arsenal of entrepreneurs there is a convenient platform prepared by Sberbank. Specialized platform includes:

  • quick search by parameters (country and city, hashtags and categories);
  • rating system for users;
  • private chat where potential business partners can discuss business online;
  • useful services for participants of foreign trade activities.

Here you can easily find a partner for a small business, a manufacturer or a sales representative in another region or country.

Search for business partners worldwide

Search for business partners with Bank of Business Partners - these are wide opportunities:

  • to promote products and services abroad;
  • search for dealers;
  • sales of goods of non-primary groups, etc.

Search for partners platform for conducting foreign economic activity in a single window mode.

The geography of the service is impressive: our platform contains partnership offers from manufacturers from Germany, China, the USA, India, Turkey, Spain, Italy, the UK, Kazakhstan and other countries. More than 6,000 offers come from Russian companies, more than 2,500 from Chinese. It is also convinient to use narrowed search for business partners: in Moscow - about 2000 offers, in St. Petersburg - more than 750, a lot of options for joint business are also opening in other cities.

Business proposals for cooperation

Business proposals for cooperation in the amount of over 11,000 received from more than 25,000 users and168 countries worldwide.It will allow you to expand the market, increase sales and profits, and embark on the path of development and growth.

The platform helps to build partner business on trust and knowledge, as you can use practical services:

  • counterparty verification;
  • foreign trade activities online consultation;
  • get analytical information about goods;
  • export accelerator;
  • selection of marketplaces.
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