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Selling your product at an online meeting to foreign companies leading in the procurement of your product





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10:00 27 May 2021
Бизнес-миссия для производителей мяса и субпродуктов птицы
Проводим онлайн-встречу с покупателями вашего товара
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10:00 24 June 2021
Бизнес-миссия для производителей кондитерских изделий
Проводим онлайн-встречу с покупателями вашего товара
11 places left
How are our events going

Register for the event


Prepare a participant's presentation using the sample


Take part in the business mission online and find your buyer

Why you need to participate in the event?

Convenient format

You can take part in the event without leaving your office

Optimization of your costs

You will not have expenses for flights and accommodation in another country

Reliable partners

We organize meetings with large retail chains and companies leading in the procurement of your goods

Targeted meeting

We will organize an online meeting for the selected product group and country

Personal preparation for the event

Our experts will help you effectively build your presentation and impress a foreign buyer

Participation of a highly qualified translator

We will remove the language barrier for you
Can I participate if I am not a client of Sberbank?
At the moment, the service is provided only for Sberbank customers, but we are working on expanding payment methods, and soon anyone will be able to participate.
Can I participate if I am not a resident of the Russian Federation?
At the moment, the service is provided only for residents, but we are already working on the possibility of providing the service to non-residents.
What is required of me to participate in a business mission?
To participate in a business mission, you need to register for the event in the "Business missions" section. After paying for participation, you will have access to the following steps: preparing a presentation and registering for an individual training.
How many people can participate from one organization?
No more than 3 people can participate from one organization.
Have you ever taken part in such events?
What help do you provide in preparation? Our experts help you to create a presentation for participation in the event, as well as conduct individual trainings, where they tell you how to competently and effectively build a presentation of your product in front of foreign partners.
How are potential buyers selected? Have they been verified?
Potential buyers are selected thanks to the work of the Sberbank Branch Network, as well as the network of Sberbank Subsidiary Banks. Colleagues conduct a phased selection of potential foreign buyers.
Will there be an interpreter at the event?
Yes, we invite a highly qualified simultaneous interpreter to every event.
What do I get in the end?
You receive a list of selected and verified foreign buyers of your product with contact details for further work.
Is there any kind of support after the business mission?
If you need any support after a business mission, Sberbank specialists are always ready to help.
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