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What is a marketplace

Marketplace is an online platform or an online showcase where a buyer finds a product or service. Acting as an aggregator, the marketplace offers the buyer several offers from sellers from different cities, regions or countries. The buyer selects the desired product and concludes a deal with the seller in accordance with all the rules of the e-commerce market. If we divide the marketplaces into types, it can be noted that the most popular are the platforms for the sale of goods and services. Marketplace fits any business model that combines a supplier and a buyer.

Marketplace catalog - selection of electronic trading platforms for business

The main objective of the electronic trading platform is the fruitful cooperation of the buyer and the supplier within the framework of one site. An important goal of the marketplace is advertising. It is necessary to constantly attract additional traffic for customers and new suppliers to expand the virtual shelf with goods. There is an established catalog of marketplaces, which includes such popular electronic platforms as: I take,, TaoBao, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay. Marketplaces are currently in great demand for business owners, as the most successful services for online trading.

How does the service of selecting marketplaces work?

First you need to understand how placement on the platforms solves one of your business problems. To expand sales in Russia, it will be enough to accommodate on domestic price aggregators or marketplaces. For full access to foreign markets, you should use international electronic trading platforms, this greatly simplifies access to the Internet market and makes it possible to successfully sell products among a wide range of users from different countries. To get started, we suggest using our catalog of trading platforms - marketplaces. Select a product category, a sales region, and the system will automatically select the marketplace relevant to you. After reading the description and watching the training videos, you can post on the site yourself or take advantage of the help of our website users.

Who is our service suitable for?

The catalog contains online sites suitable for any type of business and its direction. Choose an online platform that is suitable for your product or service. Marketplaces can be safely recommended for use by both large and small companies. They will be especially useful for a self-employed category of users. Business owners receive a new sales channel, and consumers have a wide choice and convenient way to purchase goods and services. Use the service to select marketplaces. This is the fastest and least costly solution for your business.

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