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Our caviar is 100% natural and absolutely fresh since it is never stored by us. It is manufactured subject to our clients’ needs and requests.Caviar is made from acipenser gueldenstaedtii sturgeon roe, of Russian origin. With a diameter between 3.0 and 3.2 mm, their color ranges from light brown to golden. Their texture is firm with a unique glazed shine, and their intense creamy taste with a touch of nuts nicely remains in the whole palate. Our Mission: To produce the best caviar in the world with leading innovation in sturgeon breeding while respecting the environment. To achieve a method of breeding our fish that ensures that they grow in a natural way. To perfect our production methods in order to deliver a unique product with such a constant quality that it earns us recognition. Throughout the whole process, we want our team to be proud of being part of this project and grow individually and together as our brand develops. Our Vision: To be known as one of the world’s best caviar producers, with the singularity of having pioneered in the Southern Hemisphere. For the brand and its origin to be recognized as the result of the dedication and passion that characterizes a family business like ours.
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