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It is very important to control the whole process, from the start of production to dispatch of the goods, because then you can still identify problems and fix them in the early stages. But this is more about OEM production. Then when the company selected the goods and it is necessary to check the manufacturer, the inspector leaves for checking the quality of products, completeness, checks for defects. Takes photos from different angles of goods without packaging, photos of instructions, photos of packaging. Tests on the work of the product itself and shoots video to demonstrate the work of the product. Also check the necessary documentation: registration, licenses, certificates, etc. The final control is not much different from the pre-purchase control. Most often, the company discards the instruction with the necessary information that needs to be provided and the invoice with the articles of the goods that the company acquired. To begin with, count the number of goods. From each article, an average of 4 products is taken and the quality is checked; we fix it on all sides with and without photographs in the package, as well as completeness and instructions. It also makes a video of each article. At the same time it is necessary to take photos of the container: logo photo, product information and barcode. Check that the goods were packaged in a high quality and take photos.

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