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Hydrophobic coating facilitates the removal from the windows of dirt, insects, snow, ice and other unpleasant dirt. Glass treated with protective nano-coating is much easier to get rid of ice and snow. The coating repels rain, dirt and spray. Bitumen caught on the glass, vegetable resin, oil film, insects stuck, etc. easily removed from the surface. Regardless of the weather, your glass will remain clean. A lotus effect is realized on the treated surface: water that falls on the glass gathers into almost perfect spherical drops that easily roll off the surface or are easily blown away by air flow, dragging particles of dirt and dust. Properties: Water-, oil- and dirt-repellent effect; Protection against penetration of dirt into the pores of the material; Early protection against microorganisms, algae and moss; Resistant to sea water, salty air and acid rain; Resistance to ultraviolet radiation; Without silicone, wax and oil, respectively, does not form a film, there is no rainbow effect; High efficiency with a very small layer thickness (coating thickness of one or several molecules); Long preservation of the processed surfaces and objects;

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