re,play Book Shadows - Personalized Bookmark by Photo Gifts for Book Lovers Black Set of 2
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▪ Personalized bookmark set to make special gift by drawing faces or pasting photos
▪ Feels like "little shadows living in your books"
▪ This bookmark is inspired by “Shadows living secretly in the book”. This product adds to the enjoyment of analog reading. You can make a fun gift by cutting the picture or by drawing the face on the white surface. Apart from regular consumers, it can be sold at bookstores, book museums as well. Another series of the product named “Book Sailors” has also been launched.
Are you still in love with paper books? Little shadows secretly live in your books, maybe eating letters when you don’t see them. You can make a special gift for bookworms or enjoy yourself by drawing faces or pasting photos. Bring your personalized shadows with your book and let them give you happier reading!

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