Joiner's products or individual blanks for your business from own and customer material.

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Are you a real entrepreneur ?! Which is important to reduce their production costs or find a good product at a good price? Private production of joinery made of pine, oak, maple, birch, linden, alder, aspen with a moisture content of not more than 8%, as well as the preparation and parts of furniture necessary for your production. Working with us you get! 1. Experience-over 20 years in the production of various wood products under the exacting request of our customers. 2. Responsible and respectful attitude to the client order and deadlines. 3.Regional distance from major cities, which reduces the cost of production at the expense of labor. 4. Mature wood that grows side by side and surpasses wood in most regions of Russia in its characteristics. Call or leave your order to find out the value of your product.

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