Plastering station 220 / 380V Sertamaster
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Saint Petersburg
Equipment and tools

We are official representatives of the Sertamaster factory. And you can always look at our plastering stations and check them out at our existing facilities. We, the company "PFT Service" are also official dealers of KNAUF PFT, and M-TEC. We also rent and sell used stations. And now it is possible to purchase equipment on credit from Tinkoff Bank or Russian Standard, and on leasing from Arenza. The plastering machine “Serta master 220 \ 380v” is used for: • Gypsum plaster • Lime-gypsum plaster • Cement plaster • Lime plaster • Lime-cement plaster • Mortar for (stone) masonry • Mortar for grouting • Reinforcing and glue mortar • Mortar for self-leveling self-leveling floor • As well as pasty materials and much more. ADVANTAGES: • by choice: AC (230V) or three-phase (400V) current drive • Stable and compact modular design • Small overall width - 600 mm

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