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Counterparty services Our specialists will replace your purchasing department, logistics department, suppliers (as intermediaries), and official dealer (prices for "officials" are much higher than those for which your competitors are purchased and you already know about it). And we know why this is happening and how to make prices more attractive, and all because: - experience, as well as the presence of agents in most European countries, the USA and Asia allow us to make a partnership offer that is relevant for companies importing goods to Russia or having the need to purchase goods abroad; - we have a database of manufacturers of many types of goods from which ALREADY made purchases and from which they organized delivery; - you credit the goods under the domestic Russian sale and purchase agreement, which will allow you to completely avoid all the difficulties associated with customs clearance, currency control and the subsequent interest of the tax authorities; - we will help with the refund of export VAT; We will find the necessary goods, we will buy, we will bring, we will clear the customs and we will transfer it to you in integrity and safety. Want to sell your product for export, but do not know where to start? Start with a contract with an agent! Contract with us!

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