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Our company produces Koporsky Ivan-tea grown on its own field, located in the Koporsky settlement of the Leningrad region on the border with Estonia. The production period of Koporsky willow tea is only 4-5 weeks a year, the sheet is assembled by hand, the entire preparation process takes place under the strict supervision of the technologist, as evidenced by the certificate of conformity RU.RU.21PS30 from 03.20.15. We carefully keep the secrets of production and apply modern technology without violating the principles of old recipes. In Ivan Chai contains 69-71 chemical elements, 16 amino acids, including 6 essential, 10 fatty acids and vitamins. The plant contributes to: maintaining the metabolic rate and immunity; weight loss; protection against inflammation; counteract the negative effects of free radicals and toxins; protection from stress and peace of mind. Our company offers you both classic and green ivan tea, and with the addition of meadowsweet, lemon balm, thyme, raspberry leaf, from 8 kg at a price of 1,200 rubles / kg.

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