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Write a message company Worth Your Time is engaged in the production of 360 ° video content. Within the framework of this project, we create professional presentations, commercials, documentaries, training and species films on the ground, in the air and under water. In the world of modern digital technologies, video in video360 format replaces traditional ways of transmitting visual information with its capabilities. This is not only a way to display the desired image in minute detail, but also the appearance of a feeling of living reality, "finding in the picture", the opportunity to choose the angle and angle of view. To date, video360 has the maximum effect of presence from all possible visual tools. Such video production is widely used in the sale of real estate and land, hotel and tourist business, car dealerships and airlines. Allows designers and architects to fully present their project to investors, and to different training grounds to improve the skills of specialists in virtual simulators. In any place where there is an opportunity to turn around and look around - whether a flock of barracudas in the ocean or a multi-storey block, car salon or cave, video360 will give absolutely new opportunities for demonstrating the surrounding reality. Until recently, there were two main problems with video360 - how to glue it and where to look. It was possible to assemble the video only in a manual way, while achieving smoothness and invisibility of gluing was almost impossible. And you could see it only in special players, which, when playing, lowered the quality of the material to the level of the first mobile cameras with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. Over the past two years, a great technological leap has been made, programs have appeared that make it possible to "qualitatively and relatively quickly" stitch together "frames, cameras that are easy to use and give high-quality material. And, as a logical finale, in 2015, two Internet giants YouTube and Facebook added the download function video360 with the ability to play it. In addition to these two social networks, there are several resources that support video360. Thus, one of the main tasks was realized - the accessibility of this content. To date, there are four main ways to view the video360C of the computer. In this case, the user with the mouse or touchpad can rotate the image to look in any direction; From a smartphone or tablet. The gyro of the device plays the role of a mouse - it's enough to just look around with the device Using a virtual reality helmet, into which a smartphone is inserted - for example, Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR. Turning his head in a helmet, a person can look in different directions, completely immersed in virtual reality; In the dome theater, where the spectator is located on the floor, and the spectacle unfolds in the hemisphere above it. Our team uses the latest Kodak PixPro SP360 4K camera for shooting, which, despite its modest size, allows you to get high-quality images in high resolution 4K. Another big plus of this camera is the use of only two cameras with ultra-wide-angle lenses, and, accordingly, only one gluing, which saves considerable time in the processing of the captured material and in most cases almost completely avoids the visibility of gluing. Also in our arsenal there is an underwater box that allows you to shoot at depths of up to 30 meters and a copter with an experienced pilot whose capabilities are limited only by the presence of charged batteries.
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