Legal verification of real estate in Sevastopol and Crimea
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Due diligence abroad

1. Check the history of the property: - Check the ad sites and sales databases; - check on the bases of supervisory agencies (architecture, etc.); - check on the bases of public utilities collection of information. 2. Check the quality of the property: - Check the bases for the presence of ownership of the property; - verification of documents for the property; - verification of documents compliance with the real state of the property. 3. We check the seller: - for the presence of minor children; - on the incapacity of citizens; - on the “decency” of the seller; - verification of the representative of the seller; - check for the presence of outstanding debt obligations; 4. We check the absence of rights of third parties: - checking for disputes in the courts of general jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, Ukraine; - checking for disputes in arbitration courts of the Russian Federation; - checking for restrictions on the bases of the Russian Federation and Ukraine; 5. We accompany the transaction at the notary 6. Drafting contracts for the transaction

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