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The Perm Territory Export Support Center provides services for the preparation, examination and support of an export contract. Legal expertise of international contracts is the verification of contracts and agreements for compliance with the law, the logic of the transaction and your commercial interests. Legal verification of the contract is a necessary stage of the transaction.The lawyer will be able to verify the contract, its terms, rights and obligations of the parties, the compliance of the provisions of the agreement with the law, as well as the question of the validity and conclusion of the transaction. This will save you a lot of time and avoid problems in the future. How does a legal check of a lawyer contract? Comprehensive verification of the contract by a lawyer includes the following steps: Study of the text of the contract, additional agreements and related documents;Clarification of the actual objectives of the transaction, how it is actually planned to fulfill it, the interests of the client and the business practices of the execution of such contracts; Search for obvious and hidden risks, inaccurate and invalid provisions, excessive obligations and other risks; Preparation of a written report indicating the identified risks and recommendations for their elimination. What risks can a legal review of contracts reveal by a lawyer? The contract does not contain essential conditions and therefore is not concluded;The contract contains provisions that do not comply with the law and therefore is invalid; The contract is subject to registration or special accounting, but was not registered and does not contain provisions on registration; To enter into an agreement, the parties must have special permits, licenses or other powers that are not available; The contract is signed by an unauthorized person; The contract is concluded in an inappropriate manner; The transaction violates the rights of third parties;The contract is subject to corporate approval as a major or interested party transaction; The contract contains excessive obligations or responsibilities for our client; Important rights and obligations of the parties are not described or are described incorrectly, which may lead to disputes regarding the order of execution of the contract; The contract contains vague language that can lead to disputes; The agreement can provide more rights and opportunities for our client; Other risks.The service can be provided both by employees of the Export Support Center and by attracting third-party specialized organizations.

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