Multifunctional fuel additive - BPI ™ modifier
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Multifunctional fuel modifier BPI ™, which converts heavy hydrocarbon chains. Universality of application in all types of liquid hydrocarbon fuel. The action of the BPI ™ technology solves the problem of reducing the wear resistance of the engine. Provides afterburning of heavy fractions of fuel in the combustion chamber, reduces smoke.In the final fuel, it intensifies the formation of carbon dioxide (CO2), thanks to the efficient use of oxygen, and at the same time minimizes the release of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) by more than 50%. Such an important indicator speaks about the ecology of the exhaust, and also serves to extend the life of the catalytic converter, lambda probe, spark plugs, oil life, exhaust system (from the manifold to the muffler).As a result of the impact of the combustion cycle, the result is a decrease in detonation, stabilization of the piston group, reduction of hazardous substances in the exhaust, an increase in the life of the engine and equipment (furnaces, for example). Products loose. Storage 5 years.

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