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Limited time offer! Super low price! Tianjin-Eren-Khoto / Dzamin-Ude-Moscow (Vorsino station: 183502): 2700USD / 1 * 40HQ Jinan-Khoto / Dzamin-Ude-Moscow / Vorsino 2200USD / 1 * 40HQ Freight from station to station, does not include station expenses Vorsino and customs clearance. Delivery time by train: May 30, Jinan (China) - Tashkent 2700USD / 40HC , 4600USD / 2 * 20 Dongguan-Changsha-Tashkent 4300USD / 1 * 40HQThe rate includes payment for unloading at Jinan station, expenses abroad, customs clearance and customs clearance costs, inspection costs NOT INCLUDED. Delivery time by train: July 5 Preferential route : South China-Ganzhou-Eren-Khoto / Dzamin-Moscow (Vorsino) North China-Suzhou-Manchuria Changsha-Manchuria / Zabaikalsk-Moscow / Minsk (You can transport goods with batteries) -express train (FCL) from Shenzhen to Minsk for 16-18 days on Saturdays! -express train (FCL) from Guangzhou to Moscow (Art.Vorsino) in 15 days! -express train (FCL, LCL) from China to Europe in 14-17 days! -express train (FCL, LCL) from Guangdong to Alashankou in 12 days! We are engaged in railway, auto, air, sea and consolidation from / transit of China to Europe, Central Asia, Russia and Mongolia. Email: lulu@nep-logistics.com Tel / Wechat: +86 136 94242832

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