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Consulting assistance is provided to small and medium-sized business entities carrying out or planning to carry out foreign economic activity - residents of the Vladimir region, their managers and representatives, as well as small and medium-sized businesses interested in promoting their products and services in foreign sales markets. Counseling is carried out in the following areas:• Clarification of existing measures to support export-oriented small and medium businesses in the Vladimir region. • Providing legal advice on foreign economic activity, the choice of forms of doing business abroad. • Providing financial advice on foreign trade activities: foreign currency lending, international leasing, international factoring, types of financial settlements.• Providing tax advice, including on export VAT refunds. • Providing advice on logistics: customs clearance, delivery and insurance of goods. • Consultations on issues of obtaining state support measures, including grants, loans, guarantees for small and medium-sized businesses in the Vladimir region.• Consultations on how to promote products of small and medium-sized businesses in international markets: the use of international information networks to find partners, participation in international exhibitions, the possibility of obtaining compensation for the costs of participation in international exhibitions. • Identification of export opportunities for small and medium business in the Vladimir region, marketing research.• Issues of Russian and international legislation in the field of foreign economic activity. • Issues of drawing up legal documents in the field of foreign economic activity.

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