Strategic planning and marketing of territories
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Service geography
All inclusive marketing

Main objectives: - development of a strategy for the socio-economic development of municipalities, - development of planning documents for the implementation of strategies, - formation of a marketing mix for territories. The content of the service (for example, is coordinated with the Customer for a specific task): - analysis of the system of current strategic and planning and forecast documents, - study of the results of the socio-economic development of the municipality,- assessment of the external environment: global and all-Russian tendencies and factors of development, - SWOT analysis, identification of key problems, - goal setting of the socio-economic development of territories, development of scenarios of socio-economic development of the territory, - forecasts of socio-economic development on the horizon of the strategy, - development of a set of measures for the implementation of the strategy, - evaluation of the financial support for the implementation of the strategy,- development of a territory brand and tools for its promotion.

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