Natural hydrolat SIBERINA bird cherry
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Health and beauty  

Bird cherry hydrolat is suitable for normal, oily and fading skin. Tones and cleanses, gives freshness and radiance to the skin. It has astringent properties, tightens the skin well, tightens it and reduces pores. It helps with oily seborrhea, juvenile and pink acne, sun dermatitis. Bird cherry hydrolat is a product of steam-water distillation of young inflorescences of bird cherry. Without alcohol and preservatives. INCI: Рrnus padus water. METHOD OF APPLICATION In its pure form as a tonic for the face.Spray on the scalp and hair after washing. Use as a component of home cosmetics. PACKAGING: 50 ml. SHELF LIFE: 1 year. AFTER OPENING: 3 months.

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