Water intakes (Intakes) for jet nozzles for outboard engines

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The company VEZDEHOD (http://vezdehod-intake.ru) has developed a water intake (Intake) for use in jet nozzles for outboard boat motors. Water intake (Intake) is designed to take water and protect the engine from getting inside large objects - branches, stones, algae and others, and also absorbs blows from underwater obstacles. Our models are analogous to the original 853, 1326, 1332 Outboard Jets.Vodozarbonik made of polyurethane with a hardness of 95-98 units. according to Shore A, which has a high abrasive resistance, wear resistance, well dampens vibration, retains its properties at temperatures from -60 to +110 degrees. Lattice plates and embedded washers are made of 3.2 mm steel. HARDOX 450. The lattice axis is made of spring steel with a diameter of 8 mm. Design features:There are no gaps between the shape of the water intake and the grid plates, which allows to reduce the shock loads on the grid axis. The area of the inlet is much larger than the original. Embedded washers are made in the form of a crescent at once on 3 fastening holes of the water intake and are poured into the body of the water intake, in order to avoid separation. The axis is more recessed into the body of the water intake.
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