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United Arab Emirates
Opening a foreign currency account

Bank account in the UAE - the closeness of information about the owners, the lack of currency control, individual conditions, convenient management from anywhere in the world. The reliability of the banking system, the stability of the currency, the presence of respectable banking institutions make the UAE one of the most attractive countries for banking services. By contacting our company you can quickly open a bank account in the UAE and protect your personal data from the exchange of tax information.A bank account in the UAE will provide you with: - The possibility of agency and loan payments; - Convenient online banking; - Lack of fees for banking services; - Profitable investment products and interest on loans; - Calculations in any currency; - Simplified system for checking calculations in national currency. SORP services for opening bank accounts: - Opening personal and corporate bank accounts; - UAE tax residency; - Confirmation of the center of vital interests;- Confirmation of the business management and control center; - Formation of the correct business profile for the bank; - Assistance in compliance procedures.

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