Multimodal shipping. The fuel and energy complex North-South organizes multimodal cargo transportation in the Russian Federation and the World.
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##import ##export ##мультимодальные грузоперевозки ##контейнерные грузоперевозки
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Multimodal cargo

The North-South fuel and energy complex organizes international multimodal transportation of any cargo from the ports of Europe, China, America, the Middle East, Central, Middle and South-East Asia, Africa and Australia. Opportunities of TEK North-South LLC: Organization of multimodal cargo transportation in containers of 20 feet / 40 feet: standard, open-tops, flattracks, containers of increased capacity; The organization of bulk cargo transportation; Organization of multimodal transportation of standard goods;Organization of multimodal container transportation of dangerous goods; Organization of multimodal container transportation of goods that require compliance with temperature regimes; Organization of multimodal container transportation of oversized, heavy cargo; Organization of import, export, transit customs clearance.

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