Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the organization in the arbitration court
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✔ A lawsuit has been filed against your organization in an arbitration court? Or vice versa, your organization needs to collect debt from the counterparty? Then at your organization’s services: ★ free preliminary analysis of documents to determine the prospects of the arbitration dispute and the provision of advice on the subject of the arbitration dispute;★ preparation of a statement of claim (if your organization is a plaintiff), preparation of a response to a claim (if your organization is a defendant) or preparation of a counterclaim; ★ familiarization with the materials of the arbitration case in court; ★ participation in court hearings; ★ preparation of additional procedural documents (petitions, additions, counterarguments); ★ obtaining a writ of execution and assistance in enforcement proceedings. ➜ Reasonable and flexible prices.Work on the result. Judicial practice experience since 2004. Customer recommendations.

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