We will help reduce the cost of maintaining the fleet, railway, warehouses, equipment, and special equipment.
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WE WILL HELP REDUCE THE COSTS OF THE CONTENT OF THE CAR FLEET AND THE RAILWAY: -GPS tracker M25 Glonass (HIT OF SALES) - 28,800 tg (confidently picks up a signal, accuracy of determining coordinates and other characteristics) -GPS OBD two-tracker - installation from car to car via OBD 2 connector - 40 800 tenge - DUT (Fuel Level Sensor) Italon - DUT P4 (Fuel Level Sensor) wireless - Subscription service of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 1800 thousand tenge per month per unit-Subscriber services Unified tariff (RK + Roaming) - 1 800 tenge per vehicle unit ATTENTION EXCLUSIVE OFFER: You can pay a monthly fee for a YEAR and get +2 months as a gift for FREE. What this system gives: 1- reduction in personnel costs 2- reduction in fuel and lubricant costs 3- reduction in fuel consumption with a decrease in vehicle mileage 4- reduction in maintenance costs 5- reduction in mobile communication costsFull cost recovery (installation, installation, calibration - free of charge) Together with the request, please send a photo of the machine, if you need to install a duta, then a photo of the tank. Our specialist will remotely analyze the situation. If necessary, will leave - for FREE. GLOMOS LLP Zhanar sot .: +7 (771) 780-58-58 e-mail: zhz@glomos.kz

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