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INVESTMENT / BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP OFFER I represent Mubadala Development, a Gulf-based company with access to more than 50 billion Euros, and we are looking for ways to expand and move our business interests abroad in the following sectors: oil / gas, banking , real estate, stock exchange operations and mining. , Transport, Healthcare and Tobacco, Communication Services, Agriculture, Forestryfarming and fishing, therefore, any sector. We receive your letter indicating the choice of financing you need, you have chosen the option by which we come as business partners, before we continue, I would like to tell you that we will be silent partners in your business, that is, we will not have administrative tasks , and we will not change the policies and laws of your company, our only goal and task is to provide the financing that you require.If this is acceptable to you, then we will consult with our prosecutor to start the necessary partnership documents. I would like you to send us scanned copies of all documents with which your establishments were created, and all cash accounts before the date, so that we can make sure that we are investing in a profitable enterprise. As soon as we receive all these documents, we will begin real negotiations for financing.Below are our investment conditions in accordance with the financial laws of Mubadala Development Company and Emirate. 1. We would have a minimum of 5% stake in the enterprise in which we invest. 2. Our officials will be given the necessary access to the extract from the company account so that we can determine the financial condition of the enterprise in which we invest.Although Mubadala officials may not have access to withdrawals without your prior permission. 3. At the end of each financial year, the account of venture companies will be checked by the same audit firm that checks our accounts (Development Company Mubadala), and the results of their conclusions will be used as an analytical tool for the next year.4. At the end of each financial year, Mubadala Development Company will be entitled to receive 5% of net profit for this financial year ending December 31 of that year.5. In accordance with the financial laws of the United Arab Emirate, each firm that has a company based in the Emirate as its main investor should have an account closely associated with the Investment Company, probably should have an account with a bank located in Abu Dhabi, or any another selected country. Company officials. 6. Financial amountpayable to Mubadala Development at the end of the year should be transferred to the official corporate account of the Company. 7. Mubadala Development will act as a silent partner, not participating in administrative tasks, but will be informed of any decisions and actions that must be taken before a decision or action is taken.8. All complaints and meeting invitations will be mailed to the Mubadala corporate office in Mamoura, Abu Dhabi, 2 weeks before the scheduled date for such a meeting. I look forward to further discussion of this opportunity with you. Sincerely, Khaldun Khalifa Al-Mubarak General Director / Managing Director Mubadala Development Company E-mail: Website:

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