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Zaryadka Agency offers search services for growth points and an increase in the number of clicks from search engines. Here is an example of work on this service. DiKom is a manufacturer of metal furniture for professionals. A business with a philosophy of functional and ergonomic furniture that solves the problems of enterprises. At the start, we were given the task: we need traffic from the search. During the audit, the site was without "baggage" problems. At the start of work - 2 sites. Main and online showcase.Both sites are made at a high professional level by one well-known agency. Most of the SEO requirements have already been implemented, for example, the entire catalog was divided by city. At the same time, traffic did not grow by itself. What to do in this situation? Search for growth points. Growth points: 1. The current semantics of SEO were not meaningfully dealt with, but at the start of the site they made basic settings. Here was the first point of growth. All assigned directory requests were too general. For example, "buy a wardrobe."With such an intent (meaning), you need to have a huge aggregator of all types of cabinets. DiKom also produces and sells metal furniture for other businesses. Advanced pages have been assigned advanced query types. Necessarily with the addition of "metal" and not only. 2. Expanded semantics When analyzing demand, it was found that in addition to the current structure, there is also demand for various properties and purposes of metal furniture. Traffic for current categories is recommended for tags.Tags are additional assortment selections that more accurately respond to a request than a general category. 3. New markets. DiKom has a wide network of representative offices in different cities: 24 cities in Russia and 3 in the CIS. When choosing a city, the address and phone number change and the catalog is correctly divided for SEO. The analysis found that if we add another 15 cities where demand is found, then we can increase traffic by 15-20%.It is not necessary to have direct representative offices in these cities, as promotion itself in any case is implemented through folders, not subdomains.

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