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Charging agency offers services to increase traffic. Here is an example of work on this service. "Spain in Russian" is an information portal and Service Center in Spain. The Charging team came to the project when a sharp drop in traffic began. The main reason is the redesign of the site and the change of page addresses. The project was carried out at a high technical level, but the staff of contractors did not have an SEO optimizer and there was not enough support to move to a new version of the site without loss.Traffic was rapidly falling down, something had to be done. The site turned out to be so large that audits were conducted regularly for 3 months and there was a lot of work with developers. Key findings - redesign and relocation of the site was carried out without taking into account the requirements of search engines. We identified errors that affected traffic loss and created a list of recommendations for resolving relocation problems and shortcomings of the new site.We carried out work on the supervision of the implementation of recommendations, which required dozens of hours of Skype with the developers. The project has always had strong copywriters, content managers, and subsequently videographers, so the main focus was not on optimizing existing categories and pages, but on creating new articles to expand the semantics. The main know-how, we aimed at the search demand, which is formed around the services.The fact is that advertising is not the main source of income for the portal. The main one is selling your own services. Therefore, the site has implemented a marketplace of services in Spain. We accumulated information traffic in articles where we talked about how to do it yourself and solve a particular issue for moving or living in Spain, and then retargeted for this traffic, offering a paid solution by the center in Spain. In the article, we talked about how difficult and long it is to do it yourself.And retargeting for the desired segment caught up and offered an easy solution and brought to the landing page for this solution with the price and form of capture. Key figures: 3 million visitors, 6.5 million views, 88% of conversions from the search.

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