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GENERAL LOCAL AREA: Historical farmhouse , (significant from the Italian Risorgimento mid-1800’s) renovated as an agriturism property. Surrounded by 3 acres of olive groves (certified as artisian), producing oil, this historical area remains untouched by mass tourism. The structure hosts an amazing view over the wooded countryside and valleys of olive trees.

OLIVE PRODUCTION: There are approximately 1000 olive trees on 3 acres, however there are another 2 acres with olive trees also available. Production varies by the season and by the level of work.

One olive tree in this latitude and altitude (700 meters) produces between 10 and 30 kilograms of olives and normally over 20 litres of oil.

DESIGN: The house itself is divided into 5 apartments, each of them with bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and kitchen, for a total living space of 400 square meters. On the top floor, the apartment has a terrace at roof level. All spaces have large windows so interior is more than well-lit. As is usual for buildings in this area, ceilings are wooden-beamed and some of the inside walls display the original stone construction materials.

The ground floor is carved into the hillside, which provides a large entrance hall with a natural cave appearance. Floors are terra cotta stone tiles; the large fireplace in this area gives a cosy welcome; a wine cellar is below ground level.

There is an stone outbuilding of 100 square meters which serves as outside storage.

Small restaurants in the neighbourhood, offer the best local cuisine.

LOCATION: Less than 60km north of Rome, 25 km from Rieti, 7 km from the Lake of Turano, 12 km from the Abbey of Farfa, 1.5 km from the historical centre of Poggio Moiano, close to Umbria

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