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Reduction of exhaust gases to the norms of EURO - 6 and above. Solving smog and dieselgate issues. Fuel economy and improved engine efficiency. Our company is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of universal fuel additive "TS - 16 ECO" according to TU 20.59.42-001-34964821-2019. We invite Russian and foreign partners to cooperate with the goal of promoting our products on the world market.The use of our fuel additive can dramatically reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere during the combustion of any type of commercial fuel of petroleum origin, solving the environmental issues of smog and the “Diesel scandal”. In this case, the percentage of sulfur content in the fuel, the state and mileage of the vehicle, the climate zone and the operating conditions of the equipment, as well as the presence or absence of a catalyst, diesel particulate filter or scrubber in the vehicle are not important.Shelf life and shelf life of TS-16 IVF are unlimited.

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