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Interpretation Center - a comprehensive linguistic support of events related to the translation of oral speech. The task of the unit is to create comfortable conditions for effective interaction and mutual understanding of all participants in any event, event, project. The interpreting center specializes in providing comprehensive linguistic support at various events: conferences and seminars; presentations and negotiations; during the installation of equipment, includingfor work on a rotational basis at remote sites; for work at exhibition stands; during training; when performing notarial acts; for excursions (around the city, enterprise), etc. The services of the Interpretation Center include: 1. Comprehensive linguistic services (simultaneous and consecutive interpretation) of international projects of any level: forums; congresses; exhibitions, fairs; round tables; seminars, trainings; tournaments, competitions;concert performances. 2. Linguistic support: delegations; meetings; Board of directors; webinars and skype conferences; trips and business trips; installation supervision of equipment and special equipment. 3. Services of a guide-translator 4. Translation and sounding of video materials 5. Providing simultaneous translation of television broadcasts 6. Technical and service capabilities: providing professional conference equipment for simultaneous translation;translation of working materials with the possibility of their subsequent publication; sound recording of the event and transcript on paper and electronic media. 7. Conference management We are ready to provide interpreters for work in any cities of the Russian Federation and the world.

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