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With the development of web technologies and the desire of people to communicate with each other via the Internet, online services that are used both for personal and business purposes have become increasingly popular. The functionality of services such as webinars and web conferences allows you to conduct online meetings, presentations, effectively communicate with remote branches, foreign partners or customers, undergo training and much more.The main language of such events is the speaker’s native language. Webinars and other online events have recently gone international, so among the participants you can see representatives of different countries. In this regard, for effective communication between participants it is very important to realize the possibility of providing such a service functionality as multilingual online events.In order to combine the main idea of online events - accessibility for a large number of participants and live communication of the speaker with the audience - EGO Translating Company has created a new service - online translation. Online translation of webinars and web conferences - interpretation of an event organized on the network for the purpose of training, broadcasting, business negotiations, presentations.The convenience of these online services is that you can participate in this event without leaving your workplace, city or country. Online translation can be both simultaneous and sequential, depending on the time that the Customer allocates for the event, the number of foreign participants and the number of languages into which it is necessary to translate; however, a physically interpreted interpreter can be located in any geographical location. Benefits of online translation:• Accessibility: there is no need to leave somewhere to chat with a client or partner • Savings: no need to spend time and money on a business trip, purchase or rent special equipment for interpreting the event • Convenience: the ability to speak your own language • Simplicity: with just one click you choose the language you want to listen to. Scope of the online translation service:The main areas of application today are business, education, medicine, the meeting industry. Business. This online service will be interesting for use in order to conduct: • presentations for potential foreign clients and partners; • board of directors; • business negotiations. Education. You can use online translation during: • online seminars; • trainings; • courses. MICE industry (meeting industry).Event organizers may need online translation during web conferencing. We can also offer the introduction of online technology in the current exhibition, conference, congress, etc. in order to connect to a speech or discussion a speaker located in another city or country.

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