Box for sand of 0,5 m3 Two-section
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##box for sandbox # box two-section # box for a fire extinguisher ##fire box
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This equipment has been mass-produced since 2011 and today has no analogues in terms of service life, due to the complete absence of corrosion of the material, which allows it to be used in conditions of high humidity, sudden temperature drops and used to store sand, sorbent, as well as chemically active substances.The surface layer of the product is not subject to ultraviolet erasure (does not lose the color intensity) and does not require staining during the entire period of operation. The case of the box is designed using computer simulation using the module for calculating the stiffness limits of the product and has a double safety margin.This embodiment is equipped with an internal partition and allows you to use the case of the box for storing bulk materials and equipment for the sorbent, and can also be used for storing fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and fire drapes. The case of the box is equipped with a lock with a unified key and a mechanism for fixing the lid in an upright position. Box volume 0.5 m3

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