Box for sand-salt mixture, sand, reagents 0.15 m3 (150 l) BOXSAND
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Testing of this line of equipment was carried out on the territory of the Tagansky district of the Central Administrative District of Moscow and, according to operational services, fully comply with the declared characteristics, are convenient in terms of functionality and organically fit into the urban environment of the capital. All products of this series were developed taking into account Russian operating conditions, have a wide temperature regime of use without restrictions on humidity.100% resistance to all aggressive environments and substances (acid, alkali, salt), complete absence of corrosion and bio-corrosion, anti-vandal performance, make the service life of eurocontainers unlimited. The material of the products is high-density rotational polymer. Operational characteristics: - vandal resistance (it is impossible to break, break, deform by human exposure); - durability (not subject to corrosion and biocorrosion);- resistance to any weather conditions (humidity, frost, heat); - 100% resistance to aggressive environments (salt, alkali, acid); - does not require cosmetic repairs (does not change color during the entire period of operation); - smooth surface (easy to clean if necessary); Service life: not limited. Operating conditions: unlimited. Weight: 8 kg (weight of a container with sand 200 kg) Volume: 0.15 cubic meters (150 liters)

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