Phytomodule with bottled irrigation

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Bottom watering - is the most effective way compared to standard watering. With standard (top) irrigation, the liquid penetrates through the soil unevenly, contributes to excessive soil compaction and the formation of soil crust, resulting in reduced aeration of the earth coma, which is so necessary for the successful growth and development of plants.When bottling (bottom) irrigation, the water potential of the liquid is evenly distributed over the earthen coma through absorption and matrix effects, such as capillary wetting.The design of our phytomodule provides for partial immersion of a technological container with a perforated bottom in water, at a certain angle to the surface of the water, which is optimal for the movement of liquid inside the container, eliminates overmoistening and provides oxygen access to the plant root system. The liquid from the zone of high humidity (bottom), is normalized to move into the layer of least moisture in the soil.The process runs evenly until water potentials are balanced and balanced, as a result of which the mechanical pressure of water increases, water penetrates the cell wall and cell membrane of the plant, providing stable hydrostatic pressure inside the cell, thereby contributing to the active development, growth and flowering of the plant .This development is the result of a collaboration between the designers of BOXSSAND and the Faculty of Biology of St. Petersburg State University. Testing of the equipment was carried out as part of the landscaping of the Central Stadium of the city of Sochi on the eve of the World Cup, and confirmed all the functional indicators stated in the design of the phytomodule. Module dimensions: length - 50 cm width - 18 cm height - 18 cmNumber of cells for planting: 3 The basic equipment includes fasteners for mounting the phytomodule on a vertical surface. A huge advantage of this phytomodule model is its large volume of soil. The capacity of each container is 1.6 liters, which is twice as much as all existing analogues. It is used for single placement, to create zoning and landscaping of beam structures, as well as for vertical landscaping of surfaces.It is possible to combine into a single irrigation system with automatic water supply.

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