BOXSAND dispenser trolley 30 liters for sand and reagents
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The dispenser trolley is designed to evenly distribute anti-icing materials and reagents on sidewalks and pedestrian walkways to combat icy. Convenient, lightweight trolley design allows you to transport up to 25 kg of bulk materials, while simultaneously processing the road surface. The trolley has a supporting leg, which eliminates tipping during stopping and when loading reagents into the hopper.The amount of regent to be dispensed is selected based on road conditions and is adjusted using the dispenser control mechanism located on the handle of the cart. The presence of a transparent cover allows you to control the amount of reagent in the hopper and protects the reagents from getting wet during rain and snow. Operating temperature: -30 ... + 50С Filling volume: 30 liters Dimensions: height 950 mm width 500 mm long 750 mm

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