Wholesale deliveries of household chemicals ABC brands, shampoos and gels HAIR brands made in Turkey.
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Household chemicals

HORS LLC is a supplier of imported household chemicals, natural cosmetics for hair and body, without phosphates, chlorine, zeolites and silicates made in Turkey. We offer you the products of the company "ABC" products of our brand: "ABC" is a safe detergent that effectively launders the most difficult stains, do not contain phosphates and chlorine. Ideal for children, asthmatics and allergy sufferers. "ABC" is a safe fabric softener.Their pleasant, unobtrusive aroma, delicate and delicate, remains even after drying. Economic expense of means. "ABC" - cleaning products that do not contain aggressive perfumes, aggressive abrasives and chemicals; "ABC" - universal cleaning creams. Ideal for regular cleaning and shine in the washbasin, bathtub, toilet bowl, shower stall, chromed and enameled surfaces, stainless steel, and tile."ABC" - dishwashing detergents that will quickly give your dishes cleanliness, even in cold water.

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Limited Liability Company "HORS"

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