ERGA PSM-A automatic magnetic plate separator

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ERGA PSM-A automatic plate iron separator is installed in a gravity circular or rectangular pipeline and ensures efficient and proper separation of metal contaminants from the bulk flow.

Production automation
Equipment with an automatic cleaning system allows you to automate production, eliminating the human factor, equipment downtime and associated costs.

Product cleaning efficiency up to 99%
Individual separation mode is selected depending on material and requirements to the end product. Powerful magnetic system with intensity up to 0.9 T (9 000 Gauss), fine setting of cleaning intervals achieve up to 99% separation efficiency.

Reliable retention of fines
Work surfaces of the magnetic plates are equipped with special ribs forming the so-called shadow zones, necessary for reliable retention of metal fines and preventing their flow with the rest of material.

Automatic and on-time cleaning: 5-10 seconds
The iron separator is controlled by operation cycles changing with metal inclusions discharge. Automatic cleaning is carried out after stopping the product flow, it takes 5-10 seconds without any personnel involvement. The retained magnetic impurities are discharged into the outlet pipe.

Guarantee of end product quality
ERGA PSM-A self-clean plate iron separator with a powerful magnetic system increases the volume of production of quality products, eliminating defects and claims, confirming the reputation of a reliable partner and manufacturer.
ERGA PSM-A iron separators are commonly applied at food processing facilities with their strict requirements to food quality control and safety management system based on HACCP principles.

Conformity with industrial safety regulations
The equipment corresponds to the requirements of industrial safety regulations and rules valid in the Russian Federation and can be applied at food, explosive (including vegetable stock storage, processing and utilization facilities) and chemically hazardous enterprises and facilities. All required certificates are included in the scope of supply.
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The principle of operation of the automatic lamellar iron separator PSM-A series



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