Plate magnetic iron separator ERGA PSM-2

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The compact lamellar iron separator ERGA PSM-2 is built into a gravity pipe of round or rectangular cross-section and provides effective cleaning of material from impurities with high productivity.

High performance of material cleaning from impurities

The material entering the iron separator is split into 2 streams by means of a splitter corner located in the center.The separated material flows are directed to the working surfaces of 2 magnetic plates, which are installed on opposite sides of the gravity flow. The parameters of the magnetic system are selected individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the Customer's production, which guarantees the most effective cleaning of the material from impurities with high performance.

Reliable holding of small inclusions

The working surface of the magnetic plates is equipped with special ribs that form shadow zones to securely hold small metal inclusions and prevent them from being carried away by the material flow.

Quality assurance of the final material

Reliable and durable plate iron separator PSM-2 with a powerful magnetic system allows increasing the volume of production of quality products, eliminating defects and complaints, confirming the reputation of a reliable partner and manufacturer.

Simple installation and operation

The compact iron separator ERGA PSM-2 is built into the required section of the technological line even in conditions of extreme limited space and does not require additional re-equipment. For ease of installation, PSM-2 design uses connecting flanges for welding or fasteners. An optional adapter flange kit is also available to order.

There are no bearings or other rotating elements in the design of the iron separator: there is simply nothing to break! Timely cleaning of impurities - and no additional maintenance.

Easy cleaning

Trapped impurities are cleaned manually after stopping the product flow.

Compliance with industrial safety requirements

The equipment complies with the requirements of industrial safety standards and regulations in force in the Russian Federation.It can be used in food, explosion and fire hazardous (including storage facilities, processing and use of plant materials) and chemically hazardous industries. All required certificates are included in the package.
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Plate iron separators PSM-2 series
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