Evaluation of professional risks, automation of HTS, training, outsourcing, audit

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Existing specialists with many years of experience offer:
Audits - throughout the country (from 35 thousand rubles + travel);
Consulting - by agreement (by phone from 1 tr / hour);
Production control - by agreement;
Training (including remotely per person) - 1.5 tr. (FROM 40 hours and PTM), 2.5 tr. (GOChS), 3 thousand rubles advanced training (from real working specialists with our certificate), etc.;
Provision of a multimedia platform + testing (for internal training) - from 150 rubles. per person;
Development of packages of documents - from 7 tr. without adaptation, from 25 tr. with adaptation;
Assessment of professional risks - 0.9 tr. / 1 RM;
Special assessment of conditions - work by agreement;
Outsourcing in the field of labor protection - from 15 thousand rubles / 1 month. (in the regions of presence or + travel);
Organization of medical examinations and provision of PPE - by agreement;
Introduction of a culture of safe production - by agreement;
Adjustment and modernization of treatment facilities (including with the help of coagulants and microorganisms), technological deodorization - by agreement;
Creation of multimedia content (preparation of videos) - by agreement to the evacuation plan 5 tr., If the instruction is from 25 tr. + travel) at least 5 videos;
Environmental design and support (PNOOLR, SZZ, ZSO, PDV) - by agreement;
Electrical safety (ORD, assistance in training and certification of personnel) - by agreement;
Fire (audits, categorization, registration of the ORD) and industrial safety;
(assistance in registration and licensing of PBOs, passing personnel certification) - by agreement;
Assistance in obtaining a license for waste management - by agreement;
Automation of the occupational health and safety management system and the industrial environment (road safety, civil defense, industrial safety, environmental protection, MO, PPE, EB, SOUT):
From 14 tr. / 1 year license,
from 30 tr. / 1 perpetual base license;
from 2.5 tr. / 1 additional perpetual license.
Software capabilities: the number of entering legal entities - unlimited, integration with 1C, SAP, Oracle, support, training.
* By agreement - below market (among quality services).
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  • training
  • automation
  • sewage treatment plant
  • outsourcing
  • occupational safety and health
  • ecology
  • audit
  • design
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