Door-to-door cargo transportation from China

Price from
5000 $
Terms from
20 days
Min. batch
10 Ton
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FMG Vladivostok, thanks to the presence of representative offices in China (as well as in Korea, India, Japan and other Asian countries), will deliver your cargo "door-to-door".
Will carry out all cargo and customs operations on a turnkey basis.

Operations performed all the way:

1. Delivery of goods from the factory or warehouse of the seller to the port of departure.
2. Organization of loading and unloading operations at the port of departure.
3.Customs clearance for export in the country of departure.
4.Sea Freight
5. Loading and unloading operations at the port of arrival (Commercial port of Vladivostok, Fishing port of Vladivostok, Vostochny port)
6. Customs clearance of goods.
7. Sending by rail to the recipient city.
8. Acceptance of cargo at the station, sending by car to the consignee's warehouse.

If necessary, it is possible:
A) Cargo insurance against accidents.
B) Sending by railway with security.
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