Checking contractors and audit of industrial sites in Russia, Siberian Federal District, Kuzbass

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We provide services for on-site verification of contractors in the Kuzbass of the Siberian Federal District, Russia and the CIS countries, conducting technical and technological audits, due diligence of enterprises, selection of production sites for organizing contract manufacturing.
In partnership with the company, you will be able to verify your counterparties with the help of experienced experts who have been in the industry for over 30 years.
On-site inspection by certified auditors in accordance with ISO and QMS standards is carried out as follows:
1) physical departure and visits to the required address;
2) collection of information (interviewing security guards, employees of the rental department and neighboring tenants, personnel of the company of interest, inspection of buildings and areas of the area, etc.);
3) photo, video report on the results of the check-out;
4) analysis of information from open and closed sources (financial statements to the IFTS, cadastral maps and images, media and other sources).

Based on the results of the check-out, the customer is provided with a report on the on-site inspection with the attachment of photo and video materials, as well as an Agreement on the provision of detective services (identification of unreliable business partners), an act of services performed, a copy of the license. Payment can be made to a bank account.

Benefits to be gained:
1) Arguments in a dispute with the tax authorities on the assessment of the adequacy of the conditions fulfilled when the taxpayer checks counterparties for reliability (information about shareholders, address of the counterparty, its areas; the possibility of fulfilling the terms of the contract, etc.);
2) Identification and elimination of unreliable counterparties.
3) Reducing business risks from unscrupulous counterparties;
4) establishing contact details of the employee (s) of the company of interest;
5) successful bidding competition (doing business outside the place of legal registration as a sign of a competitor's "fly-by-night");
6) assistance to creditors (tracing the debtor, searching for assets, etc.);
7) checking the availability of goods in the warehouse, its documentation and its condition;
8) production visits and technical audits by industrial technicians.
9) Selection of a site for contract manufacturing.

The cost is discussed after drawing up the terms of reference and clarifying the required work.
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