Lego block metal mold FLB 120.60.60-W

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The metal mold of a Lego block called a special element (W - in standard design). 120.60.60 are the dimensions of the block, where 120 cm is the length, 60 is the height, 60 is the width. The maximum dimensions of the T-standard version are 160.80.80. The price is for the minimum size.

"M-Konstruktor" produces and sells metal molds for making Lego blocks according to factory drawings or for individual projects.

Purpose and Description:

Lego blocks are used in the construction of infrastructure, civil and industrial facilities for various purposes.
Lego blocks have an external resemblance to the details of the children's LEGO constructor. They are made of concrete, do not require reinforcement. Equipped with a tongue-and-groove connecting system, thanks to which capital structures are quickly erected without glue and masonry mortars - this allows you to reduce labor costs and specialized equipment.The concrete is compacted with a deep vibrator.

Metal molds from "M-Konstruktor" allow:
• to form concrete products without the use of special equipment;
• use Lego block shapes in everyday life;
• move finished products with a crane or forklift.

Additional equipment:
The plant also produces traverses and tilters for moving and turning blocks to the desired position.Full information about these products is available on the plant's website in the section "Metal molds and equipment for concrete goods" - "Metal molds of lego blocks".

Throughout Russia, to the EU and the Eurasian Union and other countries. Sending is possible by rail, heavy trucks or sea transport.
Cost, production time and delivery are negotiated individually. The price of metal is growing almost daily, so call or write right now.
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