Insulation RosEkoMat Zharyn for a sauna and a bath

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The environmentally friendly insulation RosEkoMat Zharyn is made from marine plants and industrial hemp. Combining the beneficial properties of hemp and zoster fibers, the insulation RosEcoMat Zharyn ultimately gives the end consumer low flammability, the absence of fungi and rodents. The insulation is non-toxic, so no special protective equipment is required for installation. Natural mats are durable and will retain their original properties over a long service life.
Zoster fiber is made from marine plants. These plants form 3 genera and 23 species, have several names: sea zostera, scum, damask, sea grass.

Zostera is a perennial herbaceous flowering plant with a stem up to 1 meter and grows on the entire coast of the Black Sea, most often found in the area of the city of Anapa and in the waters of the Taman Bay, as well as in the White, Caspian and Japan Seas.

These plants are 40-45% protein, 10% lipids and 30-35% carbohydrates. It also contains the following trace elements: iodine, iron, zinc, copper, cobalt.

The positive qualities of kamka will be useful in the spheres of human activity: cooking, medicine, construction, agriculture and furniture production.

In construction, dried damask is used due to its incombustibility, thermal insulation properties, and also does not contribute to rotting, reproduction of fungi.It is also used in the production of pillows and mattresses: the weakly exuded smell of iodine promotes sound sleep.

In agriculture, damask is used as a valuable raw material in the production of feed additives in the nutrition of birds and animals: all this is due to the high concentration of micro- and macroelements. Rural lands near the sea are fertilized with compost or damask ash.

Some local chefs use zoster as a seasoning for vegetables, fish and meat.

In cosmetology, pectin is isolated from these algae, which is further used in the production of moisturizing and anti-aging creams, nourishing face and hair masks.

The action of pectin is to dissolve and transport ingredients, oils, and vitamins to the inner layers of the epidermis - it helps to regenerate the skin and remove toxins and toxins.

In medicine, products made from scum is used for external use (included in the mixture "sea mud"), and for internal use ("Isosterite").

Hemp fiber is made from technical varieties of hemp, and has a number of advantages due to which it is used in the production of a wide range of goods: paper, textiles, building blocks, biodegradable plastic, cosmetics, paint, insulation, etc. .d.

The structure of pure hemp is similar to linen and is often blended with other fibers (cotton, silk, polyester) for additional positive qualities.

Technical hemp contains a minimum amount of psychoactive substance and has been used in the domestic industry for more than 10 years.As a heater, hemp fiber has proven itself due to the following qualities: it is not food for rodents, promotes moisture regulation and is a natural antiseptic.
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