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The leading domestic manufacturer of natural heat-insulating materials, RosEcoMat, is constantly expanding its assortment and is working every day to create better and more durable insulation. One of these novelties is the thermo-bonded slabs from the scrubber.

Insulation RosEcoMat Zoster is an environmentally friendly insulation made from seaweed.In terms of value and durability, slabs made of scum is much higher than the technical characteristics of wood and artificial materials.

This type of insulation consists of 85% of a scum. The binder of the boards is polyester fiber (15%), which improves the performance of the boards. Seaweed is non-combustible and does not emit harmful substances at high temperatures.In addition, the composition of the scrub contains a high concentration of iodine and calcium salts, which have a detrimental effect on microorganisms and disinfect the room.

When installing the insulation, no special tools and protective equipment are required, since the material is not toxic and does not produce dust during installation. Thermal insulation boards made of algae can be used for any surface, and the plasticity and elasticity of the material avoids the appearance of cold bridges.The material has "breathable" properties and perfectly regulates the humidity in the home and maintains the optimum temperature in it.

We are manufacturers, therefore, you can buy insulation from a scummy at the best prices. All products comply with standards and have quality certificates. Choosing RosEcoMat Zoster for home insulation, you care about the healthy future of your loved ones.
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