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Today, hemp-based insulation is increasingly used in the construction of houses for insulating roofs, floors, walls and attic floors. This material is popular primarily due to its excellent characteristics and affordable price, which allows economical construction.

RosEcoMat Kenaf Roll is a heater based on hemp fiber (rolls).In terms of composition, this material is 85% hemp fiber, and 15% polyester fiber. Today hemp mats are widely used in the construction industry.

If you are looking for a high-quality, environmentally friendly insulation that will be completely safe to use and will benefit the environment, then RosEcoMat Kenaf Roll will be the best choice.Natural hemp mats have excellent shatter resistance and will retain their original properties over a long service life.

Among the main advantages of RosEcoMat Kenaf Roll mats are:

Excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation;
Environmentally friendly;
High thermal inertia;
Lack of harmful substances;
In the summer, the insulation keeps the coolness, and in the winter it allows you to keep the heat;
Promotes easy absorption and release of moisture and regulates room humidity, thereby creating a healthy microclimate;
Simplicity of installation, which does not require the use of personal protective equipment;
Density, strength of the material is a guarantee of a long service life;
Pesticides are not used in the cultivation of raw materials for insulation - resistance to mold and decay increases, thereby endowing the building structure with increased safety.
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