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Mezhventsovy insulation made of natural flax fibers is a modern, environmentally friendly heat-insulating material that is used during the construction of wooden houses, as well as buildings made of timber, logs, etc.

The main function that is assigned to the mezhventsovy insulation is to minimize heat loss, protect the cracks formed between the logs from air penetration. Linen insulation of the "RosEkoMat" brand successfully copes with the responsibilities assigned to it.It is made from high quality linen fibers that have undergone several degrees of purification. The latest technologies are used in the production, the fabric is homogeneous, plastic, with a low thermal conductivity.

The density of the insulation is 450 g / m2.

Mezhventsovy insulation should be bought for several reasons: The raw materials used for production are completely natural, it is an environmentally friendly product that does not cause allergies.Linen insulation reliably retains heat in the room due to its low thermal conductivity, high density and elasticity. The material provides natural ventilation of the room. You can find out more detailed information and purchase RosEcoMat products by calling or filling out the feedback form.

The company "from A to Z Teplostroy" in the process of producing this type of insulation creates a product, the ratio of the width and density of the canvas is optimal for use in the construction of wooden houses and structures. And the availability of information on the exact metering of insulation in the package enables builders to calculate the required amount of this material as accurately as possible.

1) The use of a mezhventsovy heater made of natural linen fibers during the construction of a wooden house significantly extends its service life - it protects the tree from the destructive effects of harmful microorganisms and bacteria on it.
2) Mezhventsovy linen insulation not only perfectly seals the seams between the logs, but also creates a special favorable microclimate in the house - cozy warmth in the winter cold and the desired coolness in the summer heat.
3) Depending on the width and thickness, the mezhventsovy insulation, the price of which is quite affordable, can be used as a seal for walls that are erected from a bar of different diameters
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