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Warehouses in Poland, as you might know, are of different types, there are bonded warehouses, there are consolidation warehouses and there are ordinary warehouses for storing goods. We will tell you about consolidation warehouses in Poland, because such warehouse services may interest you if you want to find a good warehouse in Poland.

Warehouse consolidation in Poland provides storage services for goods that are supplied for import or export. A consolidation warehouse is a complex logistics facility.He needs round-the-clock security, which will monitor the safety of the goods placed in it, and video surveillance is required. It also has employees with certain experience and knowledge, which provide reliable storage of goods in rooms with different storage conditions. A consolidation warehouse requires forklifts and platforms.
The logistics warehouse in Poland is equipped with the most modern equipment and the latest logistics programs, which fully ensure direct communication with the clearance authorities.

At a consolidation warehouse in Europe, you can store goods, partially export, label, count, pack and prepare for transportation. At the request of the client, we will inspect the arrived cargo and send you a video.
As part of the consolidated delivery, the carrier is fully responsible for your goods until they are issued at a special point or at the client's facility. Also, in addition to this, our company takes care of all the worries associated with labeling, packaging, temporary storage of goods. Cargo storage services in Europe are performed additionally and are not included in the total cost of cargo consolidation.

You no longer need logistics companies in Europe, we provide a full range of services and you no longer have to contact third-party companies to solve additional problems, we will do everything for you.
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